Mark & Matt

Our family got to know the owners of Maine Street Auto through the CNYLL Little League Baseball. They have coached both of our boys over the years. We have experienced great triumphs, a whole lot of nail biters and some good old Baseball heartache with these guys! We’ve witnessed their boundless positivity, encouragement and kindness. We watched our boys learn valuable lessons and all of the kids be shaped into teams with heart and grit. Coach Ax and Coach Almy have reached legendary status in our house! Our boys love them and their excellent families. The instant we heard about Maine Street Auto we marveled, “if they run a business they way they coach baseball, we will never have to buy a car from anyone else again!” When we recently found ourselves in need of a new car much sooner than anticipated (talk about a curve ball!), we knew exactly what to do. We called Maine Street Auto! Mike arranged to stop in the next day. He and the boys headed over (I was working from home). Mark immediately greeted our sons, Danny and Luis and treated them like Royalty. (Danny especially enjoyed the blueberry coffee cake, Thanks Mrs. Axelsen:). When they returned during a test Drive,(Mark kindly encouraged Michael to bring the vehicle to our house so I could also take it for a spin). No joke, it was like the Heaven’s had opened up and placed our dream family vehicle in the driveway. Car shopping can be a stressful, unnerving experience that can take hours or days. Instead, we had two nice visits with Mark and Matt and just happened to buy a vehicle while we were there! What a gift to purchase a car fully trusting the seller, no qualms, knowing we’d be well taken care of and all in under an hour. They gave us a generous trade in, rolled the remaining balance from our existing car into the new loan and turned a situation that started out as a headache and a hassle into blessing. Too rarely can we recommend something whole-heartedly and without hesitation. We are happy to do so when recommending Maine Street Auto! The Cumberland and North Yarmouth community is very lucky to be home to a community based, small business that has set out to operate with integrity and unsurpassed customer service. No question, these guys are gonna hit it out of the park every time! Thank you so much Mark and Matt, we are very proud to be the newest members of the Maine Street Auto family! You guys are the best!

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