Mark & Matt

If you want a no hassle, no pressure car buying experience- Maine Street Auto is the place to go! I have had such trouble in the past finding a reliable and affordable car and it was that time again.. time to find something before winter set in and I was dreading it. . . My husband said, “Where are we going to go? Who do we trust?” And then I remembered my neighbor from 22 years ago had recently opened up his own place. “I know a guy” I said! I reached out to Mark via Facebook and he was super responsive. His business partner, Matt met my husband and I soon after to test drive some cars and for once I felt like I was given the room to think about it, without pressure or a sales pitch. I can tell from their friendly personalities that they treat everyone like their neighbor, or even yet, family. The entire transaction was super quick and easy- truly no hassle! Best of all Mark went above and beyond in regards to my trade-in. For the first time in my life I can say that buying a car was a great experience! Seriously, reach out to these guys next time you or a family member are looking!

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